Funincloud Crochet Amigurumi Cute Deer Doll Handmade Stuffed Plush Toy for Decor Baby Children Birthday Gifts

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Materials: Cotton yarn

Craftsmanship: 100% handmade

Size: 9×6 cm

Package: Gift packaged

Amigurumi is the creation of cute objects using crochet stitches. These creations are super cute and popular with all ages, young and old. Amigurumi animals have the biggest appeal because they’re so fun, but it’s always a surprise to see everyday objects like food being transformed into amigurumi. Any children and grandchildren in your life will be particularly impressed if you gift them an adorable crochet amigurumi.

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Notes: Due to the nature of our creative process, the handmade items you receive may vary slightly from the pictures shown in the listings, adding to their unique charm and individuality. The color of the item may appear slightly different from the pictures due to variations in light and screen settings. Additionally, please allow for slight differences in dimensions due to variations in manual measurements.


Care Instructions:

1). Hand wash in cold water with detergent

2). Air dry

3). Do not bleach/whitener

4). Do not wring

5). Do not tumble dry


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