Brand Story

Funincloud, inspired by enjoying the happiness of handcrafts making is like wondering in the clouds, runs with the concept of providing the best crafts ideas enriched with creativity to customers because there is no feeling better than customers’ satisfaction. The prime focus of Funincloud is to create products that represent the crafts lovers by acting as enriching their crafting world with lots of fun.

Funincloud was born in the year 2022, with the idea of creative souls whose prime purpose was to establish an e-commerce brand that provides the common crafts lovers with fashion and up-to-date distinctive craft making kit.

The Purpose Behind Official Funincloud Website

As Funincloud, we believe that we have a diverse range of products, be yarns by weight, from classic aran and worsted weight to super chunky yarn, prepared crochet kit, customized unique crochet crafts as precious gifts for your friends & families on holidays. When you have such a diverse range to offer, getting them all together on one platform like Funincloud website is the best you can do because this way the customer will get easy access to their desired products.

Funincloud ensures the best online shopping experience by providing quality, affordable, and fashionable stuff to craft lovers for whom trends are everything, so whenever the user visits he or she gets the satisfaction of shopping right and comfortable. The easy access and user-friendly interface of Funincloud website is what makes it stand out from the rest and favorite of online shoppers.


Funincloud is A Team of enthusiastic craft lovers who loves to create and innovate to fulfill your expectations

When Funincloud was first introduced to the world, Funincloud’s teams work with the liability that their customers which they lovingly identify as Funinclouders do not face any inconvenience while shopping or after shopping because of the quality or design.

The team Funincloud actively works towards creating an atmosphere where customer’s needs are taken care of be it designing, manufacturing, or delivery of the products.

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